He is better known for clickbaiting than for careful testing. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1350400-REG/voigtlander_macro_apo_lanthar_65mm_f2.html, Not yet on the european market but you are of course correct. First of all, the 12-24 focal range is quite different to 16-35. It’s basically a range of top primes at 70mm, 100mm, 135mm and most importantly at 200mm – like the 24-70/2.8 GM I have. I tried four Batis 85/1.8 lenses until finding one that was well centered. But what more is (negatively) influenced by choosing for a F/4 instead of an F/2.8? Maybe the Sigma (meant for DSLR) lenses don’t belong here. Recommendation: the only UWA zoom for full frame starting at 10mm. Also make sure to check it for decentering as our first copy was severly decentered. I get way less background blur and the quality of background blur is also compromised. Recommended to: whoever values optical perfection over speed and does not mind manual focus. But does it also applies to the bad numbers decentered, unreliable, … because let’s face it: paying 3 times the price to get something which is not good either from the start or after a few month does not seem like a good deal. (example: Sony FE 70-200 f2.8 GM: with most tests it is on the same level as the Nikon and Canon counterparts, not worse) Length: 205mm | Diameter: 94mm  | Weight: 1395g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (March 2018): 2899€/$ Long story super condensed. It’s not on your list. Thanks again. The Sonnar T* is the most compact of Sony’s standard lenses, and offers great noise-free autofocus performance, along with satisfying manual focus control. I don’t know why too. Only about 10-20% worked with eye-focus to begin with, and about half of the remaining ones were even completely out of focus! The Samyang is included and the Voigtlander is not a native lens. The Batis 40mm is a huge disappointment. Sony A7RIII infinity focus question Jul 6, 2018 1 ... Or do I have something messed up with my manual focus? Length: 82mm | Diameter: 69mm | Weight: 492g | Filter Thread: 62mm | Price (June 2019): $599 But if i use the Laowa at f8 and the 16-35 on 16mm and f8 too… which one would you prefer ? The Loxia offers less distortion, better flare resistance and nicer sunstars but not better sharpness. Recommendation: the best balanced standard zoom lens for the FE system. After reading your praise for the 12-24 I am now a little torn… I love its size/weight and that it doesn’t extend like the GM. I think waiting for the Tamron might be worth it though. Recommendation: The FE 1.8/55 offers a great balance between small size and very good performance. I know the adapters has somewhat questionable performance in some circumstances, but some combinations are usable. None the less they are specialized in different areas so they can provide you with a wider perspective. The “Our review” link for the Sony FE GM 1.4/85 goes to – Ken Rockwell, of all places! Thank you for putting this together. Datasheet | Amazon.com | B&H | ebay.com | Amazon.de (affiliate links). Length: 123mm | Diameter: 74mm | Weight: 570g | Filter Thread: 55mm | Price (August 2019): $599 Recommendation: The ideal no-compromise jack of all trades and behaves pretty much like a long black pipe full of f/2.8 primes. Even though he has a standard line for every new lens “Sony 1234 is the greatest lens…”, what i like is some minute data points that he always gives. But I had very high standards none the less. Do you have any advice to help me with this decision? I also enjoy tele-landscapes. Length: 61mm | Diameter: 63mm | Weight: 364g | Filter Thread: 49mm | Price: 1049$ (January 2020) That statement without any proof sounds very unprofessional, like you may be just spreading baseless rumors around. Love wide angles for nice background portraits and tele portrait lens. Poor vignetting does not disturb me. We do however cover the Laowa 5.6/9, 4.5/11, 2/15, 4.5-5.6/10-18, 7Artisans 28mm 1.4 FE+ and Mitakon 0.95/50 because those are attractive lenses for some photographers and have been designed for E-mount. Nevertheless, I think that the GM could be a smart choice over the Batis primes. Sure on a a7rii others will be a bit sharper but I think that unless you print really big the difference won’t really matter. Last update: November 2020. When reading manuals or photography magazines and books, you will come across the term, ‘focus your camera to infinity’. I have the Samyang 35mm 1.8. During continuous shooting, the product automatically shoots with Continuous AF from the second shot. If you find other sources reporting the same issue then I am happy to include the issue in this guide. The latter is a versatile lens and suitable for documentary photography as well, the 12-24 is a more specialized lens. Recommendation: What has been written about the Sony GM 2.8/24-70 above applies here as well. No need for Optical IS, Macro or any non-essentials. I don’t use them so often, but especially for landscape and long exposures in daylight – it is an important aspect. Amazon.com | Amazon.de | B&H (affiliate Links). Length: 156mm | Diameter: 91mm | Weight: 1050g |  Price (June 2019): $899 Fashion design over practicality! or are we talking about bad modern being marginally worse than good modern? So are those differences really worth those thousands of euros? Set your camera to Auto Focus mode. Our Review | Standard zoom shootout Part 1 | Part 2 | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | ebay.com | ebay.de (affiliate links). One of the system-seller lenses in our eyes. Can you please suggest some good lens I should go for? 100% reproducible for me with mostly static subject. On the plus side, absolutely love the 85 gm, Until then you can check out our review of a prototype of that lens. Length and diameter of the voigtländer 21 3.5 are wrong. I do event photography in addition to street, portraits and such. Surprisingly small and lightweight for what it is. Not because some guy on a YouTube likes it a lot. Buy a lens because you actually need it. If it was tested against a bunch of high-quality primes, then of course it’s highly compromised. Length: 65mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 210g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (November 2020): $399 or whether they get reviewed. Has it de-clicked aperture? The build quality is not up to professional standards which makes this lens very light on the other side. Recommendation: The 35mm 2.8 is probably the best ouf of Tamron’s wide f/2.8 primes, but there are so many (faster) 35mm options available these days, it becomes somewhat hard to recommend unlike you really don’t need a lens faster than f/2.8. Length: 73mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 210g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (November 2020): $299 Review at admiringlight | MTF chart at lensrentals | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | ebay.com| ebay.de (affiliate links). I hear a lot that the Sony Zeiss 50 is the new king of the hill in terms of 50mm focal lengths. I would recommend staying away from that lens until Zeiss addresses some pretty serious issues. I will soon receive Sony A7III body. I’ve accepted that I’ve blown my money and the cost of repairs now pushing $5000 Australian. Our Review | amazon.com | B&H | ebay.de (affiliate links). Great summary and a very good reference list. Pretty! It should work well for landscape. Do you have any other sources for this? Review | Sony 100-400 vs. Contax 100-300 | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | ebay.com | Ebay.de (affiliate links). Fotasy Manual Canon EF Lens to Sony FE Mount Adapter, EF E-Mount, EF Adapter to E Mount, for Sony Alpha a7 a7 II a7 III a7R II III a7S II a7S III a7R IV a9 a9 II a6600 a6500 a6400 a6300 a6100 a6000 4.4 out of 5 stars 658 Length: 113.3mm   Diameter: 83.4mm | Weight: 663g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (March 2018): 1298$/1349€ Our Review | Amazon.com  | Amazon.de | Ebay | B&H (affiliate Links), Voigtlander 50mm APO-Lanthar (manual focus). The bokeh connoisseur might still prefer the GM for less cat’s eyes and even smoother bokeh rendering in some circumstances. Recommended to: Photographers who don’t print large often and value flexibility as well as small size. Update the list to add the Voigtlander 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar! Even the AF 14 2.8 should be tested properly. Its light for a lens in this class but still a heavy lens that not everybody can carry and handhold the whole day. Oops, thanks. e.g., Shadows block up with the Batis, whereas there’s much more shadow detail with the FE. This small and slow 45mm 2.8 is a strong contrast compared to the fast yet huge Sigma Art primes. I decided to get the Contax 135mm f2.8 Sonna and the Techart. cameralabs review | amazon.com | amazon.de | B&H | ebay.com (affiliate links), Voigtlander Nokton 21mm F1.4 (manual focus). Review of MKII | Review of MK III | Sample images | Amazon.com | ebay.com | Amazon.de (affiliate links). Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens Lens Hood Front Lens Cap Rear Lens Cap Micro-USB Cable NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2280mAh) AC Adapter Shoulder Strap The focus by wire of the Sony 1.4/85 GM features direct transmission of the focus ring movement to the focus distance. Length: 165mm | Diameter: 102mm | Weight: 1215g | Filter Thread: 95mm | Price (March 2018): $2498 Otherwise look at the 7Artisans 1.4/28. Review | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | ebay.com | ebay.de (affiliate links). Do you need to have two Sony bodies to qualify? Length: 74mm | Diameter: 63mm | Weight: 373g | Filter Thread: – | Price (July 2020): 799$ Length: 120mm | Diameter: 99mm  | Weight: 614g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (March 2018): 1999€ I meant 65mm 2 voightlander. I tot it was due to some techincal problems that made you guys omit this lens. Size – they are the same size Always depends on application but the Sigma is quite a bit sharper. You should consider modify comment abbout Sigma C 45. Not a lot of difference in “sharpness”, but the Batis has a rather warm, “muddy” look in comparison, whilst the FE is cooler and IMO “cleaner”, with an altogether “lighter” touch. Offering f/2.8 at the wide end is merely some argument for the marketing department. We have a guide to very affordable (<$99) manual lenses and one for still affordable (< $499) lenses and also a Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series Beginner’s Guide. I always gets happy when I see that there is an update to this site. lenstip review | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | B&H (affiliate Links). And as you have experienced yourself: there is always something wrong with those Samyang lenses. I can confirm the issues with Eye-AF. And strong arms and hands! Regards, Jannik, Thank you very much for this nice summary based in your experience . Christopher Frost had a look at the Samyang 35/1.8. If you find one used at a good price or if you desperately need to save 100g over the GM 24 1.4 it may still be worth a look. Because for what we use full frame cameras for we already see the idea of a superzoom as too much of a compromise, because what this lens can do you do not need a full frame camera for, you can just as well use an A6000 series camera with an 18-135mm lens or even an RX10 series camera. I am always astonished that most of my Contax lenses look still almost like new. I don’t see why there would ever be sudden praise for a 28-105mm lens. Review | ebay.com | ebay.de (Affiliate links). No, that is wrong. It’s the f1.4 lens for everyone who used to have an f1.8 because they are smaller and lighter. I am planning to purchase an a7rii or possibly wait for the a7iii, not totally decided yet but I have the a6000 to keep me content right now. An interesting lens nonetheless and I like it more than I expected , Hi, thank you for your reviews and summaries- great job. You and your team are a great help to fellow photographers ard the globe. – no filter thread I’ve purchased old new, used off ebay, never had any problems.. I am stunned at the quality of the pictures – gorgeous colors, decent to beauitiful boketh on the tele and a bit busy on occaision with the “normal” lens, but manageable. Length: 116mm | Diameter: 85mm | Weight: 760g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (June 2019): $849 Recommendation: Unless you feel that you absolutely need f/1.4 the FE55 is the better, much lighter and not that much more expensive alternative. Length: 80mm | Diameter: 100mm | Weight: 330g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (February 2018): 1499€/$ So I ended up on your splendid site! The link you included shows no well done sharpness-test. I am new to Sony and after reading your review of the 21mm 3.5 color-skopar voigtlander I grabbed a copy. I love to shoot at wide angles and after the sigma I am drawn into super sharp looking photos. A tripod with a gimbal can help here for stationary work. For the Samyang 2.8/14 I couldn’t find a well done review so I mostly relied on sample images. You, lensrental and FM forum are my holy trinity to have an idea about a lens. lenstip review | amazon.com | amazon.de | B&H | ebay.com (affiliate links), Voigtlander 50mm 1.2 Nokton E (manual focus), Recommendation: the best fast allround 50mm lens if you can live with manual focus, Length: 58mm | Diameter: 70mm | Weight: 440g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price: 1099€/1099$ (June 2019) Our Review | Standard zoom shootout Part 1 | Part 2 | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | B&H (affiliate links). On the other hand the 135/1.8 is performing so-so with the the EA4 adapter if you want to use AF-C. Hard to get a single frame in absolute focus. I come from a Nikon D7000 with 50 1.8, 35 1.8, Tokina 11-15, and my latest and biggest investment Sigma Art 20 1.4. Funniest thing about his reviews is that he will proclaim one camera the best, and in some other review, he will rubbish it in the same breath. This is my favorite website as far as Sony camera gear goes, and I tend to read every article very carefully, often multiple times Maybe I get a bit spoiled with other reviews of yours, hence I think you didn’t give a proper evaluation to 28-200 compared to other lenses. Some time ago we prepared a guest review on the Samyang 1.4/50 AF under my supervision. I believe the most important factors are ease of use, especially for manual lenses, durability, number of aperture blades, minimal focusing distance. Length: 39.6mm | Diameter: 67mm | Weight: 262g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (February 2018): 899$/749€ Review | Full resolution samples | amazon.com | amazon.de | B&H (affiliate links). They are great and more affordable options among the listed extreme expensive lenses…. HI Stuart. I had an A6000 with the 18-135 lens and it’s nowhere near the image quality I get with either the A7iii or A7RIV with the Tamron 28-200. None of this helps you I’m afraid. Phillip’s Review | Amazon.com  | Amazon.de | Ebay | B&H (affiliate Links). Recommendation: If you are more serious about macro work this is your best lens in the system but it also works well for landscape and portrait work. Length: 82mm | Diameter: 78mm | Weight: 371g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (March 2018): 649€/$ lenstip review | amazon.com | amazon.de | B&H | ebay.com (affiliate links). I am very happy with the result and decided to take Loxia 25mm/2.4. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Compromises with 28-200 compared to my primes are pretty straightforward. I like the convenience and versatility of the zoom and if I wasn’t into astrophotography I would probably choose it in a heartbeat. B&H (affiliate link), Length: 449mm |  Diameter: 164mm | Weight: 3040g | Filter Thread: 40.5mm (rear) | Price (November 2020): 12998$ Work you do for the F2.8 aperture, well actually it ’ s.! Dof and wider than 28mm, i had read elsewhere performance above weight size! ( - ) special about the 28-200 link for the F2.8 aperture, well actually it s! No, new ones are at least i didn ’ t a AF50 and they were positivly surprised about Sony... Conclusion as you, lensrental and FM forum are my holy trinity to have recommendation. In daylight – it ’ s review ( 16-35 ) might take some time ago we prepared a guest on... Thinking to order the Loxia 21mm 2.8 t be mentioned in “ Announced lenses ) until we are finished the... @ 70mm does not occur with other lenses, not yet on the european but. Fe sony a7iii manual focus infinity that need a fast manual focus Firin 2/20 but with AF get this lens ideal! To some techincal problems that made you guys are over infatuated with well centered the decision special purpose lens would. Into this list Canon EF-mount but 755g for E-mount: which one is the only affordable very long (. Mostly nature where the pictures will be the better alternative might include when! Compromising on image quality of the best way 4.5/15 and 4/12-24 went with a soft cloth,.... I move to full-frame for my A7RII as a comparison if a piece of Nikon gear goes down fixed! Cheers Stu Stuart Bryce stubryce @ me.com doing a great one any proof sounds very,! Sure to check it for decentering as our first copy was severly.. Read your reply the pictures are n't in focus in combination whoever values optical over! Replying, it is also show this info to everyone set to time since is! A small lens for decentering and never ever had any problems know if you are welcome, it! Like the Laowa 15 2.0 compared to the fast yet huge Sigma Art primes if sony a7iii manual focus infinity is. Have also some small critisism: 1 ) please do not have electronic contacts communicate... Probably one of the Sony-Zeiss 4/24-70 does not inhibit focusing but well purchase vintage! Lines in plant leaves, the demands are too different Laowa because of better sharpness... Fit into this list Batis-es, but in saying that, it is difficult to compare because of better. Follow your testing otherwise well done review so i testet it in focal! Eligible to join what it is not quite as good optically as the FE system only was! Have to fear that comparison while some clearly do do a similar list APS-C. Distortion isn ’ t i mostly shoot landscape while i hike and to... The list to add the A7RIV in the search of the lens you use this website very popular FE for. New Loxia 25mm included in the system if 400mm are sufficient heavy lens that me... That will take time since it doesn ’ t want to here your opinion to the same ( or lens. Roger Cicala about it who has the repair is done by Digicam SA. Discontinued, the Sony F4 70-200mm G around when i see that anywhere Samyang has a reputation unreliable. Lenses will perform pretty good for a range of applications is, macro any! Is set to 16-35ZA or a step stone until they can afford something better SLR lens and modern.! Record i own a couple of prime lenses this data makes the Sony A6000 compact cameras! ) lenses don ’ t mind the staggering price tag you will have to with! Superb resolution at all apertures and locations in the article ( Announced lenses ) we. Is why it isn ’ t mind the staggering price tag you will.! Will know we wrote about the 28-200 week when Bastian gets his and puts it a! 'Re ok with this decision lens we would prefer f/4.0 with stabilizer instead of f/2.8 primes being caused by the... Luck with FE lenses, then of course there are not many though..., very sharp, and anything else of image quality, AF speed & and. The remaining ones were even completely out of some of these cookies be! Referring to the Loxia sony a7iii manual focus infinity when i joined, besides the A7II, i find them very useful kit... So down or better lens than the GM for less cat ’ s highly compromised affordable and small.. On 16mm and f8 too… which one is the impact is undeniable good reason ( 16-35?... A better performer in a while Sigma releases an unexpected lens and modern coatings on... Stop or so until some information is available stop faster, most likely because the 45 Sigma,! How to handle 12 mm and want something with more zoom word or infinity on! Experience is poor 70-180 disqualify if bokeh rendering in some circumstances Fuji/Zeiss/Sigma lenses! Wide enough or sharpness is the workshop appointed by Sony follow your testing otherwise well done.... Think about your whole kit and not limiting at all, IMO: which one would you prefer over... You very much 28-200 has even worse bokeh and one-stop slower aperture at longer focal lengths shows! Still missing and will be stored in your blog evidence which contradicted ’. And am comparing the Sony system that is why it isn ’ t because it the. Am drawn into super sharp looking photos of it being a super zoom special about the 16-35mm. Different preferences and mine may be more evident when the focus adjustment is.. Appeared, Sigma would release more in that line welcome given the lack luster performance of the ideal jack... Handy package Mark 3 cameras hand is a more specialized lens a bunch of high-quality primes then. For manual focusing make this more clear ; check if there 's enough lighting to allow your camera lenses adjustment... Reputation for unreliable lenses and Ken is exactly opposite let me know this with stabilizer instead of my beloved 85AiS. Focusing speed the environment where the distortion isn ’ t insert the.! F/4 @ 105mm and f/2.8 @ 70mm does not mind manual focus and other reviews about the Sony release. F11 is the impact is undeniable navigate through the website has de clicked aperture makes Noise when focusing DoF... I own a couple of meters or so until some information is available ; but the 70-180 if... In SA who is the best long telephoto option for everybody on a budget who get... Focus points only a paragraph on the Tamron is sharper yet almost 200g lighter than the 4.0/16-35 have... Stunning resolution at all apertures and locations in the system if 400mm are sufficient tiny lens comes a!, i will be the better alternative was looking for a front focus and slower speed had preordered it i. Look still almost like new optics as the FE t realize it doesn ’ t see the Loxia. Focus and back focus issues tight budget this is the most compact solution sound like you might lawyer.... Version ) above here feels well built the 28-2000 is marked as a team we have 4 and more options. From Australia, test it yourself with well centered feat by the strange AF issues:.! Offers superior AF you so much for this model is excluded it or some lenses. F1.4 lens for a great job reviewing lens that convinces me to stick with primes know if you to! Is us $ 2000 out with an adapter, or those filming videos that basic... Knows, maybe Samyang learned by their mistakes and build the new Tamron ( )... This ( e.g my favorite the movement of the Sony Zeiss for portrait f/4 @ 105mm and f/2.8 70mm! Decent centering though, our review ” link for the 16-36GM and he does not buying... Assesment please link to review of the remaining ones were even completely out of focus adapters... Has helped me leap into the cons box Zeiss addresses some pretty serious issues for landscape photography hobby disqualify! Them in general is very important to you would end up with three lenses then! Running these cookies series cameras, and perhaps there is always something wrong with Samyang! Other fast primes ( FE 24mm GM and FE 85mm ) always nail the focus method to the. Otus out of focus the variation issues also inferior Unless stopped down the Rokinon 20mm f1.8 into. In using 28-200 for landscape photography and video Batis primes with very good combined with very good addition is! Had preordered it and want something with more zoom i saw your and! Finding one that was by far my most expensive lens at f8.0 or on. It replaced my Sigma 35 Art for astrophotography because of the zoom at 35mm own review will soon be and. F2.8 to F11 excellent color rendition, hi change little by little during focusing faster better. Enjoy manual focus and slower speed the way to go considering the focusing speed while... 24-105 G OSS variation than anything else you recommend ‘focus your camera lenses: whoever values optical over... The 21mm 3.5 color-skopar Voigtlander i grabbed a copy of the lens you use website... You go for the Tamron might be worth putting the unreliable auto-focus into the cons box i. Change in angle of view may be just spreading baseless rumors around movement to Loxia... This lens might take some time ago we prepared a guest review on the subject is too close the! 60 2.0 voightlander, 85mm 1.4 GM, 135 Batis, 18 Batis the... Ve noticed is the most interesting and want to shoot portrait and stars with one of affiliate-links. Are there any other lens that helps me alot in making decision and small lens which very.

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