They are well-equipped for this job - ever feel a cat's rough tongue on your skin? FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. FURminator for Cats, deShedding Tool for Cats. So, what is a furminator? The hair should be clean and dry; if there are tangled lumps, they should be removed manually to not hurt your pet. Copyright © 2007-2021 The first time I worked my dog over from head to toe, I was stunned to see the pile of hair that came off his body! Help? $30.99 $ 30. Is Furminator Safe For Cats? When a cat washes or licks, it soaks itself in this substance, which causes an irritating reaction. I asked her to continue brushing the kitty for a few more minutes until there wasn't any more cat fur coming off of him. That’s an impressive amount for such a simple device. As you can see in the pictures, he was quite comfortable. I am thrilled that FURminator is sponsoring our website, allowing me to keep providing cat health information and answering your cat questions for free. This device will remove loose hairs without causing any damage to your cat’s coat or skin. Combing with furminator isn’t painful for a cat; The device allows to remove hair from sensitive areas of cat’s body (in genital area, on its abdomen etc.) It removes a lot of loose fur easily and quickly. The Furminator does actually cut into your cat’s undercoat – and this has caused some debate in the cat community. In some cases it can be a good idea to give your cat a bath with shampoo before brushing them. A regular grooming routine improves the health and hygiene of pets—so groom your precious kitty with FURminator deShedding Edge Cat Brush and make it an easy, effortless experience instead of a chore. But both cats and their owners will appreciate this brush that helps with the shedding process. If the animal is deprived of the possibility of licking, it will die. For your cat’s convenience, place the patient on his side. This stainless-steel edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat without damaging topcoat or cutting skin when used as directed. It’s easy to use and even easier to maintain. When you maintain a regular grooming routine, cats will look better, smell fresher and have a healthier coat. This is a reason for concern. It also helps reduce hairballs. In cases such as these, as we clip the cat, the mats come off literally as one large mat in the shape of the cat. The vast majority of FURminators are designed for use on dogs, but you can also find some FURminators for cats. Criteria for selection: Is Furminator Safe For Cats? If I don't have a FURminator, use it on every cat that comes in for grooming, and recommend it for all cats hairball problems, I will be doing my clients and patients a great injustice. During molting (spring, autumn), cat hairbrush is used more often – up to twice a week, at other times – twice a month. The FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats features a long hair stainless steel deShedding edge to reach through topcoat and safely remove loose hair and undercoat without damaging the coat or cutting the skin. The top layer can be held with a clamp, so it doesn’t interfere. Functions that do not affect the efficiency, Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats, Cats With Different Eye Color: Photo And Scientific Explanation Of A Beautiful Phenomenon, Young puppy Housebreaking Does Not Have To Be All That Hard, Exactly how To Train Your Puppy The Right Way– Introducing Your Puppy To Your Home And Family. It doesn’t matter if you have a long-haired cat or short-haired cat this will drastically reduce the loose hair that comes from your cat. The FURminator brush teeth can break on mats or tangles. Because of the distance between the teeth, healthy hairs just slide between them. In any case, all movements must be calm and measured. We’ve tried lots over the years. Cleaning short wool is more comfortable – you can start from any place. By the way, don’t forget to wash the cat well, because clean fur is easier to clean. Our cat reviewers had mixed opinions on the comfort factor of this deshedding tool, so we can’t guarantee that it will be comfortable for every cat, but it does appear to be gentler and safer than metal deshedders like the FURminator—while doing a comparable job of cleaning up the undercoat. Owners are always amazed at how much loose and dead fur they can remove in just a few minutes. Important! Daily brushing keeps the pet’s coat healthy, shiny and smooth by distributing oils across the skin and coat. The product is guaranteed to decrease shedding by up to 90%. We were all absolutely floored by the amount of hair that came off this cat that a standard deshedding tool had left behind! The cats also seem to enjoy it, or at least some of them don’t mind it! We don't have a retail center in our veterinary hospital, so I did not have anything to sell her. It took months to grow back and his tail is still not as full as it used to be. For medical advice about your personal pet, please see your veterinarian. I've never heard of the Furminator being bad for cats. During molting, the animals themselves feel discomfort, and a particular device was developed to help them in this regard. There are some rules to know. I told her to take the cat back and give the FURminator a try. But, despite their diligence, they couldn’t get the excessive cat shedding problem under control. However, the owner said that the cat was constantly shedding. The Furminator is a premium deshedding tool that’s designed to painlessly shear hair from your cat’s undercoat. I'm wondering if it is safe to use on my cat as well, or if they both need individual furminators. What breeds of cats will be suitable for? The furminator has push clean blades which I greatly appreciate, and it is a vast improvement over a regular comb. Vitamin B in their composition smoothes possible aggression and relieves stress. Such a comb for cats as furminator is suitable for almost all breeds of cats, especially British blue and Scottish lop. Pros: Controls shedding and dander, made with natural ingredients, safe for cats over 6 weeks. Brain Training For Dogs Review: Does It Really Work? He was a short haired cat with a fairly nice hair coat. Sadly, with proper grooming from their owners with the right tools, this is completely preventable. This would be the perfect opportunity to see if it came even close to living up to the company’s claims. The difference between them is that a more comfortable ergonomic handle and cleaning of the hair is done automatically in the first case. It's perfectly understandable why cats have problems with hairballs. Without it, I know I would be running an inadequate hospital. This site is for your information only. In spite of their owners using one of the many hairball lubricants on the market and/or feeding foods that claim to help hairballs, I've also seen many cats that continued to gag and try to vomit up hair balls or actually throw up hairballs. Catnip is safe and fun for cats, while owners will love seeing its effects. Daily combing keeps the coat clean of debris, free of tangles, and looking nice by removing loose surface and topcoat hair. So, for instance, you could use a small FURminator deshedder on a rabbit or chinchilla, or a larger model on a pet goat. It’s a good idea to use it carefully. I was still not convinced that she was unable to get more hair and that such a severe shedding problem could be resolved with such a brief grooming. In fact, I think I can say definitely that it is not harmful to cats. Whether you buy a more expensive tool or a cheaper analog, your pet doesn’t care if it’s comfortable. One long haired cat hated brushes, we had to settle for cutting out mats of hair. Another tolerated being brushed, with anything. Try not to capture large areas, so that the hairs do not get stuck in the ridge, and their lump has not damaged the device’s axis. Stay Pretty with a FURminator. You should not move against the hair growth, so you will hurt your cat. Despite their sponsorship of our site, however, I want to reassure all of you that my reviews are completely honest and independent of any relationship I may have with any company. The FURminator deShedding tool also brings out natural oils to brighten your cat's coat. Let’s look at the list of advantages of the wool cleaning device: An animal in the house is a clot of positively charged energy, but as long as the pet is fed, groomed, and healthy. Cons: Must sit in coat for 90 seconds to work well, some users disliked the scent. Let’s take a closer look. It is noteworthy that females have less allergenic substances than males. After this experience, my staff and I were left feeling like we would be doing an injustice to all of the cats that we groom, as well as all the cats that come to me with a hairball problem, if we don't use the FURminator. Just watch your cat for one day and see how often she grooms herself. Cats are loved by both adults and children, but there is one inconvenience in their maintenance – it is wool, which can be found everywhere in the house. The way the pet’s coat looks is a reflection of his health, so its care is also essential. On the market of products for pets, there is a device furminator, capable of dealing with excessive “raggedness”. The cat doesn't mind the comb as long as we don't drag it through a any matted fur. Use 1-2 times every week for 10 to … I had known the family for a long time and they were very caring owners. She said that she had combed and combed with all of our regular grooming tools until she had removed all the fur that would come off. The FURminator is safe and easy to use, with the blade designed to not nick the skin and to expertly de-shed even the toughest coat. My head technician/groomer took the cat into the area of my hospital reserved for grooming a cat. Robust construction and comfortable to use. I've always tried to use the best equipment and technology to care for the cats in my hospital and this deshedding brush is now one of those essential pieces of equipment. Subscribe to our whiskerDocs Newsletter. The FURejector button releases hair with ease, making deShedding easier than ever! Using a good conditioner, whether it’s the Furminator brand or some other high quality one, will help to reduce the tearing or shredding that many people notice when Furminating their dogs’ coats. Today we will talk about the cat furrier, what it is, how to use it, and is the furminator safe for cats. Cat owner behavior, however, could result in negative results. 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,098. Visit whiskerDocs for answers to your pet care questions. It was pretty obvious she was going to become an immediate customer. We immediately took pictures to show you the difference between the amount of cat fur the standard grooming tools removed and the amount that had been taken off by the FURminator. 99. The FURminator comes in two sizes, small and large, for both short hair and long hair cats (so 4 total brushes).

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