A Robust Road Hit

The Vector Control technology coordinates X2’s full suspension system with tailored configurations to create thrilling robust riding experience.

    Alive and Creative

    Home, office, a leisure tour…… all become accessible with X-Line electric bikes. Mounted by robust driving system and a high capacity battery, you’ll expect more fun on the way.

    The dynamic contour of X2 is inspired by a leaping leopard, full of strength and intensity. Its strengthened aluminum frame is made to endure 100,000 cycles of loaded stiffness test. All these are tempered by an intelligent core coordinating for optimized experience.

Frame of the Choice

X2 features distinctive arrow-shape outline. To realize this dynamic design while ensuring frame stiffness, the solution is to choose aerospace standard aluminum, using a patent structure* Dual Tube-Support Plank to guarantee extra stiffness (100,000 cycles of loaded stiffness test proved). Also this structure is vital to protect the core component- controller.

Enoeco X2

electric bike

High Efficient Power Transfer System

For an outstanding electric bike, it makes the most of the power output. On X2, the balanced combination of a high torque 250W BLDC motor and Shimano Altus 9-Speed system produces efficient drive system for ideal uphill performance: the system generates maximum torque of 38N·m at 80% efficiency. Besides, we develop the motor to be long-lasting even under heavy load by using anti-abrasion gears made of special resin-nylon material and aircraft-grade lubricant.

A Well-Considered Energy Core

Battery, of course, is the decisive factor of safety and price-performance. X2 is designed to fit a wide range of application scenarios: whether it be daily commute or a country tour. For this purpose, it comes with a 36V 11.6Ah battery built by 40 cells of Samsung 29E 18650 Li-ion battery and a leading battery management system (BMS) for ideal discharge and cycling performance. In addition, the removable lithium battery is packed by an alloy shell to maximize heat dissipation.

Enoeco X2

Enoeco X2System

Lightweight Full Suspension System

Nimble and resilient, X2 is designed to deliver comfortable riding experience on almost all terrains. By introducing a full suspension system, the riding experience on X2 is lifted to an unparalleled level. We tempered the Parafit Tempo front fork with a 1000lbs rear suspension to achieve a balanced smooth sport performance.

Intelligent Console, Stay Connected

An intelligent e-bike console will save you from various confusing switches and Apps. X2 is mounted by a multi-function 3-inch LCD display. The clean interface integrates all the info you need: speed: battery, mileage, error code as well as various settings, light switch and even a USB charge port. Concise as it may seem, the console features IP65 waterproof rate.

Enoeco X2 Console

Product parameter

Enoeco ProductEnoeco Product
  • Enoeco Product | Specifications
  • Enoeco Product | Specifications

  • Frame:

    Aluminum 20inch
  • Dimensions:

    1490 x 1100 x 630mm (58.7 x 43.3 x 24.8 in)
  • Weight:

    23.0 kg (50.7 lbs)
  • Color:

    White / Titanium
  • Transmission:

    Shimano, Altus 9S
  • Rear LED Light:

    40lux, 600mA, 3.3V
  • Front Fork:

    Tempo Suspension, Aluminum
  • Rear Suspension:

    Kezhen, 1000lbs
  • Saddle:

  • Brakes:

    Front & Rear Disk Brake
  • Tires:

    Kenda, 20in x 1.75
  • Motor:

    250W High Torque Rear Hub
  • Sensor:

    PAS/Torque Sensor
  • Assistance Modes:

    5 Assist Modes
  • Battery:

    36V 11.6Ah. Samsung Cells
  • Controller:

    FOC Vector Controller

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