The design philosophy of A5 is functional and distinctive. It is a salute to e-Bike lovers who want to share their passion with the world. We make it our task to visualize this passion and spirit. LET’S E-BIKING!

    “U” Shape an E-Bike

    With the patent “U-shape” design, we achieve stiffness, resilience and simple foldability on A5, without sacrificing its distinctive design language. The reinforced head tube and down tube guarantee stiffness, whilst the curved middle tube gives natural resilience to relieve riders from fatigue and obstacles.

    An Innovative Beam in the Darkness

    Years of experience guides us through the design and development of a high-performance E-Bike light specifically for our product line. With a far-reaching high beam light and a signature U-shaped low beam light, e-bikers are safe to take a ride in the darkness even with packed traffic surrounded.

    Improved Function and Capacity

    The advanced BC1 lithium-ion battery is independently developed by enoeco. The design initiates with e-Bikers at heart: a simple removable battery integrates battery level indicators, LED tail lights and a handy charge port- all fit in a compact chassis. The BC1 battery series includes: BC120, BC130, BC140 and BC160, capacity ranging from 180Wh to 560Wh as an ideal solution for every cyclist.

    Compact and Powerful Drive System

    The A-Line is a range of foldable city e-bikes, and we look for a compact yet no less powerful drive system. The motor on A-Line e-bike is a perfect demo of electromechanical integration: by precise calculation and thousands of loaded output tests, we maximize the motor output torque without negatively impact the rotating speed of the motor.

    2-in-1 HMI: A Simple Solution to Conciseness

    Through the years, we have been boasting for the development of e-bike consoles: more functions, larger screen, fancier look……It’s time to rethink it over: are these add-ons necessary or merely distractions?Why not keep it simple and leave the other rest to your mobile phone? So we mount A5 with a premium 1.5-inch throttle integrated console. Easy to read and operate, the smart display relieve you to enjoy the simple riding pleasure.

Product Parameter

Enoeco ProductEnoeco ProductEnoeco Product
  • Enoeco Product | Specifications
  • Enoeco Product | Specifications
  • Enoeco Product | Specifications

  • Frame:

    Aluminum 16inch, Foldable
  • Dimensions:

    1390x560x1020mm (54.7 x 22.0 x 40.2in)
  • Weight:

    21.4 kg (47.2 lbs)
  • Color:

    White / Red / Silver Blue
  • Transmission:

    Shimano, SIS 7S
  • Front LED:

    Light 360lm, 40mA, 36V
  • Rear LED Light:

    240lm, 20mA, 36V
  • Front Fork:

  • Saddle:

  • Brakes:

    Front & Rear Disk Brake
  • Tires:

    Kenda, 20in x 1.75
  • Motor:

    250W High Torque Rear Hub
  • Sensor:

    PAS Sensor
  • Assistance Modes:

    5 Assist Modes
  • Battery:

    36V 8Ah. / 36V 8.7Ah / 36V 10.4Ah
  • Controller:

    FOC Vector Controller

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