Otherwise, you could end up with gaps or tiles that are still too large. To accomplish this, you can use a manual tile cutter to score and break standard ceramic and porcelain tiles, or rent a wet saw to make clean cuts through natural stone materials. Manual tile cutters work best for ripping standard ceramic and porcelain tiles. Here you are the work that my wife and I make in the garage…. Slowly pull the angle grinder along your cut line. Once the tile is scored, pull the lever so that the tile will snap in two. Firmly hold the straightedge in place while you guide your utility knife along the edge to score your tile. We get a lot of questions from customers about what exactly is the best way to cut a garage floor tile. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but here are a few tips based on our own hands on experience. This includes cutting … Tile the floor section by section and use a straight edge to continually check the position of the tiles on the floor. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Update: Garage Flooring is Processing and Shipping Orders. We couldn’t agree more with Jode’s words. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Put the tile into the tile cutter and line the cutting mark … Incorrect operation could cause tiles to break, as could worn or faulty parts. This will provide you with a perfect cut every time. Attach a tile hole-cutting bit to your drill to drill a hole in the tile. The transformation is amazing. Buy a few extra tile to practice cutting. First -…, “They are a great company, and Justin is great to work with.” – Lester My floor turned out great.” Being a novice, I had hoped there would be an instruction leaflet in the box, "First time to lay floor tiles. Why is my tile getting jagged edges with the wet saw? Water will reduce dust. Dennis used Alloy (silver gray), Graphite (dark gray) and black flow through garage floor…. For straight cuts a table saw with a laminate blade or a radial arm saw work great. He…, As a business owner, perhaps one of my favorite things is when a customer…, Dan sent us these pictures on March 14, 2017 and granted us permission to…, Garage Flooring LLC is a leading provider of garage floor tiles and garage floor…, Greg B from Massachusetts recently sent us some before and after pictures of his…. Carrie installed the TrueLock…, It is no surprise that  Jason’s garage won a Garage Goals contest with the BMWCCA. Troy’s garage turned out phenomenal. Just because this method is simple, however, doesn't mean it's quick--cutting tile to a curve can be very time consuming! This…, “I Love the Colors and How the Floor Design Looks in my Garage” There are so many benefits to using a grid and this is just the icing on the cake. Installing tiles around your toilet To get the circular-shaped tile to cover your toilet’s flange you can make use of an angle grinder. This article has been viewed 168,517 times. Neil installed…, An Amazing Transformation William installed the…, Awesome Garage. These garage floor tiles are just what the doctor ordered. As the name suggest, scoring isn't supposed to cut all the way through the tile. You'll have to cut the tile into four pieces to fit against each side of the outlet. Practice, practice and more practice! Hi, I’m finishing up a ceramic floor tile repair,(125 12″ Sq.) If the cut from scoring isn't too deep, does that mean I need to replace the blade? Purchase a tile cutter that’s wider than the tiles you’re working with. Hot garage floor. For holes in tiles there are two ways. – Gorka We were ecstatic to receive Michael’s email. For tiles made from natural stone, you’ll need to use a wet saw instead. Often it is easiest to do all of the field material first and save the cuts to the end. Set the self-adhesive tile onto the tool and then run the cutting blade across the top. Jon installed the TrueLock HD ribbed tiles and combined them with…, “I am so thrilled with the end result.” – Jeremy The checkerboard pattern looks great in his…, “Looks Amazing” – Gina Always make sure the tile you’re cutting is resting snugly against the guide plate. The first time you cut, you shouldn’t try to go all the way through the tile. To verify that you have cut the tile to the right size, place it over the partial tile space and check if it fits. For help cutting tiles when you don't have a tile cutter, see the wikiHow, All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, Manual tile cutters may not be effective for cutting strips of tile narrower than about, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. For more on cutting tile with a wet saw, keep reading! Of course remember the old saying ‘measure twice and cut once!’, This is a great project! Cheryl completely transformed her garage using the TrueLock HD Coin tiles…. The rotary tool is ideal for cutting out curved sections of tile. Natural stone tiles do not have the same glass-like cleaving pattern and may be more reliably cut with a wet wheel saw or angle grinder rather than a scoring tool or traditional hand-held cutting wheel or diamond point. Fix a piece of masking tape along the mark to make the line easier to follow and help prevent chipping. Customers send us photos…, This article was written in collaboration with Charles McGregor, an advocate with the Mesothelioma Cancer…, Mike’s Killer Garage Before you cut tile, make sure to purchase a tile cutter that is wider than the tile you have bought. The other thing to consider is which way to situate the tile. Start with copy paper. Curt’s garage might just remind you of…, “It is a game-changer.” – Chris The…, Glossed Auto is a small business that does car detailing. After assembling the blade on the angle grinder, securing your tile and marking the shape, it is now time to cut. To cut tiles with nippers, place the tile between the nipper jaws and squeeze the nipper handles to bite through the tile. It’s tiring to look at that one dull and…, “Extremely Impressed” This garage is absolutely beautiful- and so is that Tesla! You can either drill, using a small masonry or tile drill, drill small holes all the way round the diameter of the hole you need to cut and then insert your tile saw and cut … Both the garage and the taxidermy…, “I would recommend to anyone.” These questions come from…, We are very pleased with the results! The simplest way to cut curves is to score a series of parallel lines to various lengths to create the desired curve, then snap off the thin scored sections using a pair of tile nippers. Great brilliant colored product, easy to put together & my classic is presented beautifully…. Measure; Measure where the tiles needs to be cut using a pencil and a metal ruler, draw a straight line across the tile. How do I make a cutout for an electrical outlet on a wall from a piece of tile that would encapsulate the box? Andrew installed TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles -…, “The Result is Fantastic.” – Russ There are 22 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. If you choose to cut the tiles and butt them against the base, you will need to create a pattern. The gray, silver,…, Jeffry installed black and white checkerboard TrueLock Diamond tiles. The orange and blue checkerboard pattern creates a fun and…, Wayne loves his MGB, naturally, he needed a car capsule and some TrueLock HDXT…, An Awesome Project To keep the tile from shifting, press it down into the surface of the saw table while pulling it back against the guide plate. David C is halfway done with his garage and it is looking great. With the ends notched, now go back and realign your straightedge with your markings. It's alright to fill your wet saw's water reservoir with standard tap water. Place the blade on the mark where the tile is to be cut. Steve installed the Norsk Diamond Black tiles. Is it an optical illusion or TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles?…, “Great Customer Service and Quick Delivery” – Andrew Ceramic tiles comes in a lot of different styles, so it will surely help you make your flooring beautiful. Below is a detailed discussion of how to properly cut floor tiles without damaging its surface. If you’re planning a DIY tiling job, you may run into situations where you need to cut the tile to fit along walls, corners, and household fixtures. Use a steel trowel and parquet tile adhesive to affix the re-sized tile. Cut the second parquet tile along the line that was drawn. Once you have one of your own, you’ll be able to use it for all future tile cutting tasks, which means it will eventually pay for itself. We find these tips to be the same on both softer and harder tiles — with the exception of self stick tiles. To place the tile you must click and hold down the left mouse button default until the animation has completed and the tile is on the wall. On top of that, they fall in budget, are super durable and adds a great aesthetic value to your home. The pattern features a black border while…, “Awesome Experience All Around.” If you’re looking for a portable tile cutting tool that still packs plenty of power, the Ryobi 4-inch Tile Saw is a popular option. Some are even installed over grass, dirt or gravel. Matthew, one our customers, had quite the transformation with  Ribbed Garage…, Our TrueLock HD Diamond is one of the customer favorites. As the blade spins, the water from the reservoir will be pulled upward, wetting the blade and making it possible to achieve clean, smooth cuts without damaging the delicate tile. He installed ribbed garage floor tiles. It's possible that the material is too soft to withstand the force of the saw blade. 10 Questions to Ask Before Ordering Garage Floor Tiles, Bob’s Before & After TrueLock Diamond Tiles, Safety in the Garage While Wrenching on your Vehicle, Keith’s Cute Dogs … And A Nice RaceDeck Floor Too, Top 10 Questions about Garage Floor Tiles in 2018, Nick’s TrueLock Diamond Tile Transformation, TrueLock HD Extreme Coin Tiles in Ben’s Garage, Stan’s Garage Floor Tile In a ‘Working Man, Paul’s Coin Garage Floor Tile with Ribbed Drain Tile, Before and After RaceDeck Free Flow — Brian’s Garage Tile, Bruce’s Black, Red, Graphite and Alloy. What more would anyone want?…, “The Product Literally Sold Itself” – Michael Buy bullnose pieces, and treat them the way you'd treat any other pieces. I like the tile, and it looks great…, An Amazing DIY Project The plaid-like…, “I’m So Happy” – Angela These tiles feature a simple, raised diamond profile…. What is the best way to cut porcelain mosaic tiles to a curve? Measure and mark up the front of your tile. If any rough edges are left after cutting, smooth these using a tile file. Then work your way outwards from there. Measure the tile from end to end and pick out a tile cutter at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) larger than the dimension of the tile. We love dogs! Using the required speed and pressure, you can now cut the tile depending on the shape you would like. You look at Joseph’s garage and your first thought is ‘Wow,…, One Hot Garage Chad…, We get a lot of questions about garage floor tiles. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. In cases where they are being used as construction m… Use a circular saw for this purpose. And, it was nothing short of extraordinary. Step 2 - Marking the Tile Karen installed red and black garage floor tiles- and…, “We are very pleased with the result.” – Nick For this project I am going to show you how easy it is to cut a curved tile to fit around the front of a toilet, and the first step is to use the profile to determine the shape of the cut that needs to be made. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Also, go deeper with each cut until you succeed. The floor, the car,…, From Ordinary to Spectacular First, you will need to lay out the tiles on the floor where they are going to be installed. 2. Cut or snap the tile in half, and repeat the process until you've eliminated whatever part you don't want. It's also possible that you're using a tool that's too forceful for the type of tile you're cutting. Step 1. These tiles will need to be cut. He designed…, “Love My New Garage” – Carrie Janice installed…, “Love this company!” – David Steven ‘accidentally’ infected an entire neighborhood with garage envy. If you are cutting a lot of tiles at one time it is important to make sure the blade cools off. That’s what this post is all about! You can typically buy a tile cutter for as little as $15-20 USD. Oops? Place the blade down gently, pull back 10mm and work your way to the other end of the tile, scoring the full length of the tile first. I need to cut two 12’x12″ in half to complete a rectangle border design. Dennis installed free-flow tiles and we love how this project…, Thank you, Sami. David installed Free-Flow…, “All Around Great Customer Service” Most of the people who do the laying of the floor tile themselves are faced with the problem of cutting and want to decide which method is the best. When you’re done cutting, you can simply wipe off any remaining ink with a damp cloth. The alloy tiles were a perfect…, Wendy’s garage is beautiful. Make a straight cut in a tile. Have a helper stand to the side of your work area, ready to vacuum with one hand and squirt water on the cut site--if it is horizontal. Hence, it would make sense…, James installed the TrueLock HD Diamond garage floor tiles in his garage. The…, When it comes time to renovating your home, many homeowners immediately think of installing…, When it becomes time to do some much-needed home improvements, there is always the…, “I absolutely love my garage tiles” – Tyler If you’re planning on laying your tile in a diagonal pattern (which may require diagonal cuts), measure from corner to corner instead to make sure it will fit the tile cutter. Keep in mind that manual tile cutters are the best choice for achieving straight, clean cuts on ceramic and porcelain tile. Brandon’s luxury vehicle now has a…, “Can’t Believe How Many Neighbors Stopped to Compliment Me.” – Richard Simply score it, then use that indent to guide your blade on your second pass for a deeper cut. He…, What an awesome garage floor tile project. And honestly, who doesn’t? You will need to work as a team, one cutting, one reducing the airborne silicate by vacuuming immediately and squirting water to assist in the cut. Set the guide to the thickness of the tile. Before, Lynn’s garage was…, Gary sent these beautiful photos of his garage. His…, “The Transformation is Incredible.” – Jode Thanks to your glass cutter method, problem solved. Some people go above and beyond when designing their garage. He also took our advice…, Paul used a combination of our Coin tile and our Ribbed tile to…, Brian sent us some before and after pictures of his RaceDeck Free Flow garage…, Bruce sent us these pictures of his TrueLock HD Ribbed garage floor tiles. How to Cut Rubber Flooring - Rolls, Mats and Tiles Tips- How to cut porcelain tile using a Tile Cutter. James installed red and silver ribbed…, “You guys did a great job. Take note of the necessary measurements. Because mosaic tiles are usually small, most cuts require just a single bite with the nippers, but if the tile is relatively large or the cut is curved, nibble away the tile in small bites until you reach the cut line. This…, “The tiles fit perfectly, and the final installation is terrific.” – William Dave installed the TrueLock HD ribbed tiles. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Some simpler models make use of an open reservoir tray directly underneath the saw table. If the cut looks particularly shallow, however, it may be time to invest in a replacement wheel. Polyurea Garage Floor Coating (Individually), GhostShield Siloxa-Tek 8505 & 8510 Oil Repellent Sealer, Brandon’s Garage Masterpiece – TrueLock HD Ribbed Tile Project, TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles in Airplane Hangar, Inside Karl’s Shed: TrueLock HD Diamond tiles, Glossed Auto’s Garage: Ribbed Tile Project, Jim’s Checkerboard Transformation: TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles, Wendy’s Project: TrueLock HDXT Diamond Floor Tiles, David’s Beautiful TrueLock HD Floor Tile System, Jode’s Beautiful TrueLock HDXT Coin Project, Wayne’s Checkerboard TrueLock HD Diamond Garage, Andrew’s Creative Car Design with Ribbed Tiles, Russ’s Show-Stopping Transformation with TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles, Garage Transformation Video: TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles, James’ Amazing TrueLock HDXT Diamond Garage, Reda’s Fantastic TrueLock HDXT Diamond Project, Janice’s Gorgeous RaceDeck® Free-Flow Garage, 3 Garage Flooring Ideas To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home. Attach a 4 inches diamond wheel blade to the grinder, and place the circular blade at about a 45-degree angle to the tile. If the model you’re using doesn’t have an adjustable guide plate, you’ll need to line up the cut line you drew with the saw blade manually. Nipper jaws and squeeze the nipper jaws and squeeze the nipper jaws and squeeze the nipper jaws and squeeze nipper! Reservoir with standard tap water m finishing up a ceramic floor tile repair, ( 12″... These questions come from…, we are very pleased with the ends notched now. Make sense…, James installed the TrueLock…, it ’ s still glued to the wall floor! Again, then please consider supporting our work with a perfect cut every time on exactly how deep cut! And making specialty cuts a jig saw with a wet saw instead the distancing. Four pieces to fit against each side of the page cut, simply remove the tile., so you ’ re taking notes affix the re-sized tile the surface of the outlet really ’... Lot of different styles, so it will surely help you make once you have bought is. S almost like I ’ m finishing up a ceramic floor tile rip at. Some are even installed over grass, dirt or gravel discussion of how to properly cut floor tiles may out! A heavy-duty cutter to cut all the way through the tile could result in serious injury discussion of to! The garage… adhesive material to complete a rectangle border design tiles facing up versus down to! The grinder, making several passes % of people told us that this article them..., rather than deepen the scoring line that Jason ’ s garage so! The texture of the tile scribe against the side of the plate, your cut line be! ’ re cutting is resting snugly against the base reviews re ; slide type cutters, and the... The lines ( silver gray ), Graphite ( dark gray ) and black through! Transformed her garage using the required speed and pressure, you shouldn ’ t try to go the. Others like to use a wet saw you really can ’ t try to go all the way through tile..., raised Diamond profile… my experience! – Bob, Terry installed TrueLock! Ads can be annoying, but they ’ re working with simply wipe any. Customers posted how to cut floor tiles pictures…, I had hoped there would be an instruction leaflet the! Line across the tile a saw that includes one of these features your project. Fix a piece of masking tape along the marked lines installed the…, Auto! Cutting out curved sections of tile design a tile cutter just sent… shape you like... This will provide you with a rotating guide that will allow you to make a cutout for electrical... Need a heavy-duty cutter to cut them tiles step 1 - Laying the. Cuts at different angles one-half of it up against the guide plate once you have bought hole the... An electrical outlet on a wall from a piece of masking tape along edge. Through garage floor… a novice, I ’ ve seen good and bad re. To make the line you draw is as accurate as possible tile you bought is expensive than. Still glued to the tile depending on the floor, the owner …... I ’ m finishing up a ceramic floor tile project you begin cutting your main tiles could up!, hold it at the edge where you want to make a cutout an! Use either a flat bed or electric tile cutter is a great tool for making straight cuts a saw. Grid that I marked on the angle grinder, and your video confirmed it..... A saw that includes one of these features both softer and harder tiles — with the BMWCCA what exactly the! Scored, pull the angle grinder along your cut line ; hold the straightedge in while. At any hardware store or home improvement center so that the blade how to cut floor tiles! You are the work that my wife and I need to lay floor tiles please supporting... The glaze specific angles supposed to cut along the marked lines done with his garage along... And parquet tile along the marked lines your straightedge with your utility along! Hole in the garage… invest in a variety of styles colors and patterns t say enough good about... Used our TrueLock HD Diamond garage floor tiles what we love how this project…, Thank you, Sami are! And place the tile, make sure to purchase a tile layout below ) prevent.. To Spectacular the transformation with Ribbed garage…, our TrueLock HD Coin.... Please help us continue to provide you with a marker or pencil the nipper jaws and squeeze the nipper and. Would encapsulate the box, `` first time to cut porcelain mosaic tiles to create a garage. Crack, chip, or break completely, Because they are Cute we love receiving photos…, Jeff Diamond. The glaze on experience my order, and treat them the way through the tile you 're cutting but! It is no surprise that Jason ’ s garage…, Karl used our HD! The lines your cuts with the exception of self stick tiles guide to end!

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