Updated table : 23/04/2020 (EDIT -> COPY or CTRL-C). Why keep SMR and PMR drives with the SAME capacity in the same line and HIDING this info from customers? You can refer the link provided below for more information on PMR technology. FYI, the 10TB uses a similar WD100EMAZ helium drive. Hello, i just switched my system to 6x WD120EDAZ 12TB Drives. I ended up buying a manufacturer refurbished 10 TB Gold datacenter drive for $170 on eBay to replace it, because I was certain it was PMR (was right in the description). I'm out. I have two drives (One month late because I've been lazy.) I have 1 TB, three 3 TB, one 6 TB and three 8 TB drives that all work well and have for many years, especially the very old 1 and 3 TB drives I bought when they first came out. Filled out an online email form and received no answer. Point is both are proven tech for several decades. How BIG is it? And this is VERY BAD NEWS. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. WD technicians don’t have a way to query the drive and ask for the model number?? WD100EMAZ - the AZ suffix and 256MB cache strongly indicates SMR. 6 months ago. Back in September 2012, HGST first announced their Helium Hard Drive Platform.The Helium drives began to ship the following year in November and as of last month, HGST has deployed over a million drives.We had previously reviewed the Ultrastar He6 6TB helium drive. https://www.cdrinfo.com/d7/content/wd-lists-hard-disk-drives-use-slower-smr-technology. The second “technician” said SMR stands for Standard Metabolic Rate! I have two drives WD60EZAZ-00ZGGHBO and WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1 And need to know if these are PMR or SMR. Compare this with the “INFECTED” SMR drive list, and you’re good to go! You might have to call WD Support and give them the serial number, from there they might able to find out for you if HDD is SMR or PMR drives. It seems SMR is used to push capacity sooner than PMR is ready for, but they eventually seem to make some (bought a WD gold 7200 RPM drive that’s PMR). Why is that? and WD knows exactly what they’re selling, naturally. I say this because, WD has the same “infected SMR drives” using the well known PMR tech! WD don't make SMR drives larger than 6TB, so yes this is not a SMR drive. That means these drives have to use SMR, the slower performer. https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/20230. It will only use up its battery faster. I bought 3 of them recently and shucked them. And need to know if these are PMR or SMR. Man, I’m with you there. Note that currently, the MAX capacity drive using SMR is the 6TB WD60EFAX, with 3 platters / 6 heads… So… is that it?? (BTW, if you ask WD how to know the DRIVE MODEL inside an external WD enclosure, they will tell you it’s impossible!!! This interest led Western Digital to create the WD Red NAS-optimised family of hard disk drives. I have many WD external drives, and i DON’T WANT any drive with SMR!!! garetz on 08/12/2020 - 09:44 +1 vote. Listed below: ST8000VX002 ST8000VX008 SMR ST6000VX011 ST6000VX010 SMR ST4000VX005 ST4000VX013 SMR ST3000VX017 ST3000VX016 SMR ST2000VX012 ST2000VX015 SMR . Called tech support, the 1st agent did not know what PMR or SMR are. (1) WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0 : 2000,3 GB [1/0/0, sa1] - wd Today, we are going to look at the first helium-filled WD Red model – the 10TB WD Red (WD100EFAX) NAS drive!. It can be… BUT, before that happens, WD is probably using the most demanding customers / environments to TEST SMR tech so they can DEPLOY them in the bigger capacity DRIVES: 8, 10, 12, 14TB and beyond (do not currently exist). How about that? Drives found in these can be WD100EMAZ (rebadged WD HGST Ultrastar He10/WD Ultrastar DC510 Helium drives) and WD101EMAZ (rebadged WD UltraStar DC HC330 drives). Is WD USING RAID / more demanding users as “guinea pigs” to test SMR and then move on and use SMR on +14TB drives??? WD Blue WD10SPZX - hard drive - 1 TB - SATA 6Gb/s - overview and full product specs on CNET. WD doesn't advertise which new drives in the 2TB-6TB range use this technology. SMR drives are completely unsuitable for for a NAS or performance disk. More power than that in the radio brings no benefit, except if the radio is used in DMO. Sounds to me like the head loses the track and tries to relocate itself.

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