As a prominent supplier of intelligent e-mobility transport, enoeco has been focusing on developing and providing professional system solutions since 2003.

Our History- Persistent Pursuit of Brilliance

Headquartered in the Yangtze River Delta, a mature industry base of electric vehicles, enoeco started in 2003 from a supplier focusing on electric bike consoles and sensors, gradually integrated key components to provide system solutions. Thanks to its long-term cooperation with research institutes and university labs, Enoeco built its solid competence on R&D and manufacturing, as well as delivered fruitful achievements of multiple invention patents.

Being one of the first to launch intelligent control system for electric vehicles, Enoeco has developed tailored system solutions integrating HMI, VMS (Vehicle Management System) and Vehicle Monitoring System.

Our Team- Passionate and Professional

Ever since its establishment, Enoeco boasts a top R&D team led by a group of professional doctorates and experienced engineers. Over a decade, our team has opened up numerous new frontiers in electric bicycles with leading expertise in electric vehicle control system.

Aimed at global market since 2015, our passionate sales and product team has been keeping every customer’s needs at mind, working tirelessly to provide products exceeding their anticipation. With our premium products sold to over 15 countries worldwide, our team efforts have won lasting trust and cooperation.

Our Product- Inspired by Nature and Life

The brand name “enoeco” consists of two elements: Eno and Eco. Eno rhymes with innovative, our design concept. And Eco is short for eco-friendly, which implies our care for the nature and environment. Being an adventurer of technology and engineering, enoeco is more of a protector of the nature deep inside. Following the notion of “Eco-friendly Innovation”, we’ve always been seeking the balance between modern technology and the nature, which runs through every part of the design and development of our products. It is our ideal to bring our customers back to the nature with enoeco’s green intelligent transport products.

Identified by modern concise design and fresh comfortable user experience, enoeco stretches to welcome young talented designers to realize their design on its open platform. Enoeco’s platform provides not only great working chance and environment, but also mature sampling, tooling, and supplier resources as well as senior design and sales guides. By encouraging sharing customer-oriented design concept, we work for continuous upgrade of user experience of material, function and safety propelled by customers’ opinions and our innovation.

Our Concept- Contributed to Customers and Society

Thanks to this thrilling era of e-mobility, ENOECO has been on rapid growth with annual turnover of US$300 million in 2019. Being a social-responsible enterprise, Enoeco will be dedicated to more innovative and eco-friendly e-mobility solutions and inspire more young talents to thrive on our platform.

Meanwhile enoeco is grateful to its devoted customers and keen to exchange opinions and share the latest achievements. It is our unyielding aim to satisfy and exceed beyond customers’ anticipation. At Enoeco, we believe that mutual trust and support is a genuine pleasure worth passing down to everyone.

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